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About the Fjord School

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Skattejakt i fjæra_12.JPEG

Welcome to the Fjord School

  • We are organisations, environments and individuals with a great commitment to nature and the climate, and water in particular.

  • We are worried about the Oslofjord. The fjord system is unable to sustain the species that live there with food. And we are the ones who have worn it out.

  • We want to make a difference and we want to gather around creating a practical learning arena for children and young people in, by and on the Oslo Fjord.

  • We believe that all children and young people, regardless of background, have the right to access the fjord, get used to the water and enjoy the water and knowledge of the fjord.

The initiators

Our vision

We develop children's and young people's insight and empathy for marine nature, awaken hope and lasting commitment, and free up action for a better world.

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The board of the Fjord School

Marine wisdom. Hope. Sustainability.

The Fjord School is an innovative and dynamic organization dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of marine nature and environmental protection. From a grassroots initiative, the Fjord School has developed into a significant learning arena located in the heart of the Oslo Fjord. Our primary focus has been to offer practical and engaging learning experiences in the riparian zone, where participants can directly experience and understand the diversity and complexity of marine life.

At Fjord School, we emphasize 'ocean literacy' - a concept that includes understanding the influence of the ocean on us and our influence on the ocean. We believe that by increasing this understanding, we can inspire a new generation to take responsibility for the conservation of marine ecosystems. Our programs are designed to connect theoretical knowledge with practical activities, so that children and young people not only learn about marine biology and ecology, but also about sustainability and environmental protection.

Our goal is to expand our work beyond the Oslo Fjord and become a national, and even global, player in marine education and conservation. We want to act as a bridge builder between different generations, where we connect the wisdom and experiences of older generations with the new perspectives and ideas of the youth. We envision a future where the Fjord School becomes a central hub for marine learning and sustainable practice, and contributes to raising awareness of the importance of protecting our seas and coastal areas, not just for Norway, but for the whole world.

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