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Photo: Sigrid Øberg, Sebastian Strand and KB Nøsterud


Welcome to FjordHUB – a pulsating heart for marine understanding at the Fjord School. In our unique coworking space, passionate individuals and organizations who share a common vision of sustainable oceans come together.

FjordHUB is a gathering point for knowledge sharing, collaboration and growth within marine conservation and conservation. Our goal is to create an exploratory environment where members can exchange ideas , explore new opportunities and work together to develop solutions within marine research, education and conservation.

Fjord & people

FjordHUB today:

Flexible office space
  • Access 24/7: Members have unlimited access to FjordHUB's dynamic and flexible office spaces, as well as access to common rooms including bathrooms, meeting rooms and kitchen facilities, adapted to today's working life needs.

  • Work and well-being: Start the day energetically with a morning bath in the fjord, right next to your workplace after a strength session in the park or yoga?

Various facilities
  • Various activity opportunities: Periodic access to Fjordskolen's varied facilities such as the Messa library, projector equipment, lavvo, and the outdoor area, which opens up a wide range of business and project development.

  • Kitchen and kitchen garden: Use of the kitchen and associated kitchen garden provides opportunities for social gatherings and events, such as an ocean-themed evening or joint cooking.

Cooperation and development
  • Social and professional interaction: FjordHUB promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among members, strengthens networks and facilitates joint project development. ... and that increases the possibilities for financing.

  • Events and workshops: Opportunity to organize or participate in workshops and themed evenings in FjordHUB's premises, which strengthen both the professional and social profile of the members.

By becoming part of FjordHUB, you become part of an engaged and dynamic community dedicated to marine understanding and sustainability, with access to unique resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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